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REPS & SETS BODY BUILDING and strong man training GYMS in kent


strongman and body building gym and community in gravesend, kent


About Reps and Sets Gym Gravesend, Kent

Reps and Sets Gym, an established strength, conditioning and strong man training facility in Gravesend. Equipped with state of the art machinery, to aid strength and cardio development.

Reps and Sets Gym in Gravesend, the home to a number of the UK’s top bodybuilders both male and female. Founded in 2015, by the 2012 UK strongest man winner Sean Kennedy. 

Sean set out on a mission to recreate the atmosphere and training experience that successfully won him many UK records.

Reps and Sets Gym is the gym of preference for amateur and pro athletes in and around Kent.

Recognised for its experience as an authority in Bodybuilding and Fitness, Reps and Sets Gravesend is a local leader and top place to train.

REPS & SETS Next Event

Kents strongest man 2020


21ST JUNE 2020.




121 Strength and Conditioning training with Sean Kennedy. 

Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, get fit or get ready for a competition or big day. Sean has a number of different personal training options available. From one off sessions to packages for all budgets.


Women’s event training  run by Sean Kennedy

Every Saturday

11:00am – 13:00pm


Mens event training run  by Sean Kennedy

Every Saturday

From 13:00pm – 17:00pm


membership details


Annual Membership from £280


Monthly Membership from £30 per month.


Weekly Membership from £10 per week.


Daily Membership from £5.00 per visit.

more thAN your average GYM.

With Reps and Sets, Gravesend. You’re not just joining a gym, you’re joining a community of people. We train hard and give back to the community at all opportunities from our competitions to open days.


Why Reps and Sets

About our gym

Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, get fit or get ready for a strongman, strong woman, body building competition or big day. Reps and Sets have a number of different personal training options available. From one-off personal training sessions to packages for all budgets, abilities and requirements.

Strength Training

Weekly classes and 121 training available with Sean Kennedy and our staff. Regular events and training camps.

Gym Floor 

A full selection of olympic grade free weights available to all members from 2kg – 100kg, cardio and free weights.

Reps shop

On site shop selling protein, supplements, pre and post workout smoothies, snacks and merchandise. 

Train with the 2012 UK strongest man Sean Kennedy

ABOUT sean kennedy 

I was always interested in keeping fit and getting in shape from a young age. At the age of 18 I joined Rhinos gym with my best friend Sam Karim where we both started our bodybuilding training. I trained at this gym for around 4 years exploring the different fields within weightlifting and found my strength and passion was in Strongman.

After doing strongman training for around a year I competed in my first novice competition in September, London’s Strongest Man. After competing in a few novice competitions, I met Mr Chris Gearing. We became training partners and with the help and encouragement we gave each other I went on to win numerous Strongman titles. We used to train at a place called The Cell in Faversham which was based on farm. We would all turn up, shut the barn doors and that is where the blood, sweat and pain took place.

After training down at The Cell for a couple of years I decided to start competing in the 105kg weight category. When coming third in Britains Strongest man 2012, hitting the podium in this competition, I received a wild card invite to the UK’s Strongest man. This is where my Strongman career changed as I met Mr Paul Woods who was former Uk’s Strongest man. With his knowledge, encouragement and techniques he was able to guide me in the right direction for my weak events and make them good events.

I went on to win UK’s Strongest man 2012. Winning this title got me an invite to Norway to compete in the World’s Strongest man Under 105kg. After this I went on to win many titles at 105kg strongman and to date I hold the record of three UK Titles.


Using all my experience and knowledge I have gained over the years, training with various athletes across the field, I am looking forward to helping and encourage every member that wants to succeed. After all I have done I am so pleased I can go back to my roots and recreate the atmosphere I once experienced but now as Reps And Sets.

Pricing Plans

As a community gym we offer Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily rates to accommodate everyone’s personal needs.

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